India of my Dreams, 12 chutneys Cooking Class
Date & Time
Friday 29 March
2:00 PM
25 KWD
India of my Dreams, 12 chutneys Cooking Class
Date & Time
Friday 29 March
2:00 PM
25 KWD
12 Chutneys, Somu ( souk mubarakiya)

12 Chutneys Restaurant indian Cooking Class

“India of my Dreams ” Professional Cooking class

We are excited to anounce to collaborate with “12 Chutneys” Indian Restaurant @12_chutneys at theLongtable. indian chefs of 12 Chutneys restaurant will show us the secret of the Indian food as a proffesional way in their restaurant which is in SoMu ( souk mubarakia) 

12 Chutneys was established on Dec 7, 2015 in the heart of the old souk of Kuwait, Mubarikiya and specifically in Soho. Their concept has been since then to present traditional Indian street food in a modern manner whilst keeping authentic tastes and using the freshest ingredients from our vegetables, meat and poultry, our highest quality of spices to our sea salt. Founder Amal AlFares created 12 Chutneys due to her obsession with Indian culture and food.

We will experience, the autentic taste of India 🇮🇳.

Please follow @thelongtablekw from instagram for more details. 

Let's cook and chat together about our culinary cultures and then enjoy our delicious creation an a long table!

This week's menu is from India 🇮🇳 ! 

We will cook and experience an elegant menu from the heart of the Asia!

12 Chutneys “India of my Dreams” Cooking Class MENU

✨ Garam Masala ( a spice blend from scratch) 

✨Pani puri
(crispy puris filled with potato masala served with Green chutney water)
✨Aloo methi corn tikki
(Boiled potato,Fenugreek leaves,corn mash and mixed with chat masala,cumin powder,chopped coriander leaves,petite served with mint chutneys )
✨Murgh makhani
(Its mildly spicy, creamy chicken Gravy made with onions,Tomato, cashews and cream )
✨Tawa vegetables
( pan fried healthy vegetables with dash of spice ✨Chapati
(A traditional flat bread made with (atta), which is a very finely ground whole-wheat flour. )
✨Gajar ka halwa
(slow cooked classic Indian halwa or pudding made by simmering carrots in milk and clarified butter,Nuts )

The seats are limited. You can book your seats from Please whatsup “Filiz” for more info: 955 66 496 and book your day. Each enjoyable cooking class and a perfect lunch together is only 25kd/person.

Welcome to TheLongtable, Enjoy the Social side of cooking!...

2pm-6pm -- > cooking and dinning together.

Every time, we will have a cooking class on a different type of menu. Each menu will be inspired by dishes from different parts of the world or concept.  Join us and be the Chef for one of our classes as you teach and demonstrate to us cooking dishes from your country or concept! 

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