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It's free to list your event on Eventat and get free registration. It is also free if you want to list your event without selling tickets/registrations

%2.9 Per Ticket Payment Processing Fees Per Transaction*

Collect payments for your tickets and pay a minimum commission only for the tickets you sell

* The payment processing fee differs by the payment method used by the buyer. We charge a maximum of %2.5


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By adding your event to Eventat it gets automatically listed on our Apps (on Android and iOS) and on this website!

Free Tickets Scanning App

Download & use our free tickets scanning app to admit your attendees in a secure and convenient way

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Our support team can be easily contacted via email or phone

It only takes a few steps to run a successful event


Easily add your event for FREE, and get a link that you can share on your website and social media channels.


Sell tickets through your own unique portal, with access to event details, seat selection, payment, and more.


On the day of your event, use our free app to quickly and easily scan e-tickets and admit customers!


View detailed statistics about your event, including financial data, attendance rates, and more.