Date & Time
Thursday, 26 Sept. at 2:00 PM
Kuwait International Fairground - Hall 4A
5.500 KWD
Date & Time
Thursday, 26 Sept. at 2:00 PM
5.500 KWD
Kuwait International Fairground - Hall 4A

PLAMO CON "Powered by Comic Con Kuwait" Kuwait’s first pop culture, gaming, 
and cosplay convention since 2012 is coming back for the 9th time on the 26 - 27 -28  of September 2019 
and Taking Place at Kuwait International Fairground (Hall 4A). 

This convention is organized by the same company that brought you Comic Con Kuwait 
and offers the opportunity for the audience to meet their favorite celebrity guests including Hollywood stars,
 TV show actors, and voiceover talents from popular video games and cartoons. 

Visitors can enjoy multiple activities suitable for both children and adults such as stage performances,
dozens of vendors and figures stores, anime and manga shops and artists, 
Cosplay shows, and video game tournaments. So what are you waiting for!? Get your tickets now and Let’s Be Heroes!

Working Hours:

Thursday - 4:00pm to 11:00pm

Friday & Saturday - 2:00pm to 11:00pm

Terms & Conditions

PLAMO Con Kuwait 2018 'Rules & Regulations' / 'Entry Ticket Terms & Conditions':


1) Ticket holder must represent a physical or digital copy of their ticket, ticket QR code, and/or ticket barcode number at the entrance to the convention/exhibition/event as well as inside the hall when requested. 

2) This ticket admits only one person and is to be used only on chosen date/dates printed and mentioned on it.

3) Ticket holder is solely responsible for checking and being aware of the date, time, location and age restrictions for the event.

4) There will be no entry after 10:30pm during the convention/exhibition/event's dates. The organizer has the right to disallow any late entries, and the ticket holder is not entitled to request/claim any sort of financial compensation/refund as a result.

5) The organizer has the right to delay or cancel the convention/exhibition/event, and/or change location, hall, dates, working hours, and/or modify or cancel convention/exhibition/event activities or invited guests. 

6) This ticket is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Ticket holders may only be eligible for a refund in case of total cancelation of convention/exhibition/event. 

7) Tickets may not be sold and/or re-sold and/or transferred for profit by any entity other than the organizer and/or the declared official tickets distributors. Any unauthorized re-sale or transfers will void the ticket and deem it null, and the ticket holder will be banned from entering or will be escorted outside  the convention/exhibition/event building. The organizer reserves the right to cancel any ticket advertised with the intent of reselling for profit or commercial gain. 

8) All ticket holders and their belongings may be subjected to inspection when entering the convention/exhibition/event hall. Prohibited and dangerous items or any item which the organizer and/or security personnel consider as security risk or threat or may cause disturbance or damage to the facility and/or guests and/or interfere with the convention/exhibition/event will be confiscated. 

9) The organizer reserves the right to request personal ID or any legal document that shows and specifies ticket holder's identity and age. 

10) Wearing inappropriate or offensive clothing/outfits  including any type of obscenity or partial nudity are strictly prohibited inside the convention/exhibition/event hall. The organizer reserves the right to ban any violators from entering the convention/exhibition/event or escort them outside the building. 

11) The organizer has the right to ban immoral or harmful individuals from entering the convention/exhibition/event hall, or any person whom the organizer and/or security personnel consider as security risk or threat or may cause disturbance or harm to the organizer, venue's management, staff, participants and visitors. In case of any violations, the organizer is entitled to escort offenders outside the building and legal charges will be filed.

12) The organizer reserves the right to take and share photographs and videos of all participants visitors and their activities during the convention/exhibition/event, as well as obtaining the right to use such material through local media, internet and various social media networks. 

13) The organizer is not responsible for bodily injuries, medical conditions or the passing of any visitor (including ticket holders) and/or loss or damage to personal belongings for reasons arising from or associated with the convention/exhibition/event. 

14) In case of exiting the building, the organizer (at their sole discretion) has the right to prevent ticket holders from re-entering. 

15) Ticket holders shall only have access or permission to enter sections/locations/halls in accordance with their ticket type and/or entry bracelet color.

16) Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the convention/exhibition/event building according to the Council of Ministers decision to ban indoor smoking and smoking inside semi-enclosed areas in the State of Kuwait for the year 2012/23 and in accordance with the requirements and controls set by the Executive Regulations of the Law of Environmental Protection No. 42 of 2014 including smoking all kinds of tobacco and electronic cigarettes. It is also absolutely prohibited to advertise and/or sell cigarettes, tobacco products, tobacco derivatives and supplies inside and outside the convention/exhibition/event building. In case of violating any of the conditions mentioned in this section, a legal fine (penalty) shall be imposed to the violator by members of the Environmental Police, and the organizer has the right to escort the violator outside the convention/exhibition/event building.

17) The organizer reserves the right to request personal information (full name / email / contact numbers / age etc.) of all ticket buyers and ticket holders. The ticket buyer/holder on the other hand is responsible for providing complete, accurate and up-to-date info. In case of any violations, the organizer is entitled to cancel any active reservations completely, and ticket access will be revoked immediately.

18) By purchasing, issuing and using this ticket, buyers/holders shall agree and accept all the terms and conditions stated above. The ticket buyer/holder shall also comply with any additional terms, conditions, restrictions or regulations that may be imposed by the organizer before or during the convention/exhibition/event

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